Working out the lights section of the boblight config file can be a real pain, and so a calculator to do the hard work for you is really helpful. Fortunately one has been written by Adam Boeglin, released under the GPL version 3 or later. I’ve converted it to python  and extended it to generate the entire config file.

The original bash script can be found here. As noted in the original script, certain assumptions are made:

  • You have your lights evenly spaced on each side they are on.
  • You only have one device configured.
  • Each colour light is on the same device.
  • Lights are arranged clockwise around the display starting at the bottom centre.

 Enter the values then click “Generate”. The calculator is limited to 100 LEDs per side.  Should you need more for any reason, please let me know and I can increase the limit.


Boblight Config Generator



  % into screen analyzed

   Device name in the config

   LEDs along the top of the display

   LEDs along the bottom of the display

   LEDs along the left of the display

   LEDs along the right of the display

The python script used by this page can be downloaded here.